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December 28, 2013 / by Patti Kiley


             Kangen Water Interactive Center Opening in October 2018 in Virginia Beach

Enagic’s Healing Water –

Charged Alkalized Water – this water is found in several places around the world.  People with health problems flock to these locations, fill their jugs and drink it straight from the springs with healing results.  See these now.

Everything starts with the cell.  The hydrogen is able to permeate the blood brain barrier and knock out free radicals which cause disease.  This is water with energy!  Read more.

Your body is  70% water and we know a healthier body is more alkaline,  sick bodies are more acidic.  You are made up of trillions of cells, they all depend on water to thrive and replenish. The healthier the cell, the healthier you are.  Today more and more people are acidic,  acidosis is on the rise.  Acidic bodies allow diseases including cancer to take over.  By changing to Alkalized Charged water you can reduce the acid. The Enagic machine delivers charged, alkalized water.

  • Enagic’s Kangen Alkaline Water System does that for you in your kitchen,  try it ! ( 30 day guarantee)
  • This is the most powerful antioxidant we know of.  
  • One glass of Kangen 9.5 ph water has the same amount of antioxidants as 16 cups of Green Tea 
  • Two glasses of Kangen 9.5 ph water has the same amount of antioxidants as 5 lbs of blueberries.  
  • The results are measurable for the Athlete to the unhealthy troubled body. 
Exceptional Properties of the Water-
1.  Hydrogen Rich  –  gets into the cells immediately!  Hydrogen is the smallest molecule on earth.
2.  Negative Charge  –   OH- which bonds to the positive (free radical) and carries toxins out of the body!
3.  Alkalized Water  –  No chemicals used to change the ph!  (So it does not change the blood ph).
Enagic has been making these machines for 40 years.  The machines are ISO certified with many water certifications, the machine certifications are linked here.   The machines are certified medical devices in Japan, used through out the country and in the hospital system.  In the last 40 years Japan has moved to being #1 for overall health in the world.  The United States is #38.

Enagic’s Kangen Water®  has unique characteristics that are recognized in medical fields around the world for their effectiveness in assisting the body to rebuild itself.   From Drinking to cleaning to sanitizing, it truly is miracle water.   Click here to go to a list of videos


1 Blueberries Kangen water and hydrogen

Ordering is easy click on this link to (

Select the machine and check out.    Information you will need:

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  •  It’s really that easy! And you will be on the Road to Better Health!




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