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Todays Food Additives and Our Bodies

January 30, 2014 / by Patti Kiley


The two most important factors concerning water ionization are pH and ORP. Here is why they’re important:

Due to the industrialization of our food processing that’s created tens of thousands of highly processed foods and beverages, the level of acidity in our bodies has increased dramatically. When our bodies are acidic, disease and infections thrive, especially arthritis and rheumatic issues. The more acidic you are, the more you’ll experience a decrease in several areas: your ability to absorb minerals and nutrients, your cells’ energy production, the ability to repair cell damage, the ability to detoxify any heavy metals, tumor cells will thrive, and you’ll be more susceptible to fatigue and illnesses.

Drinking ionized alkaline water helps reduce cell oxidation in your body, inhibits aging, promotes better cell and body health, and enhances your body’s natural defense system.

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