The three most dangerous Poison to Never EAT or DRINK or ENJECT

(NaturalNews) The second episode of my new short-form series called “Awakenings” reveals the three most dangerous poisons you should never eat, drink or inject again.

Huh? You didn’t know you were eating, drinking and injecting poisons? Nobody does it on purpose, of course, but these poisons are intentionally added to foods, water and medicines to make sure you ingest them unintentionally.

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Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode of “Awakenings.”

• Why powerful corporations are spending millions of dollars to make sure you keep eating, drinking and injecting poisons.

• Poison #1: GMOs. Why they aren’t labeled, why they’re poison, and how scientists are suppressed.

• How to avoid GMOs at home and at restaurants.

• Poison #2: Fluoride with heavy metals in the public water supply. Why “fluoride” contains far more toxins than just fluoride itself.

• The truth about how fluoride consumption is linked to lowered IQs in children.

• Poison #3: Mercury in flu shots. Why mercury is a potent neurotoxin that also causes kidney damage.

• Why mercury in flu shots is far more dangerous than mercury in fish because dietary mercury is not easily absorbed, while injected mercury goes directly into tissue and blood.

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I am a health nut. I love the feeling of being fit. I've enjoyed most sport from a very young age, from ski racing to windsurfing. I raced sailboats and windsurfers ever chance I had. After college I opened a windsurf and ski shop and continued to race and host race events. I have won 2 National Championships in Windsurfing. I joined the Olympic Development Team in 1989 and raced windsurfers all over the world. My real love is horses and I reside on my own 5 acre farm in Virginia Beach. Currently I am pursuing a certification in Nutrition.
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