Enagic’s Kangen water has Active hydrogen

The one thing that Kangen water has is Active hydrogen. You may notice little bubbles in your water for a few seconds when you pour a fresh cup of Kangen Water. This is the active hydrogen created naturally from electrolysis. pH means Potential of Hydrogen. This is what is naturally raising the pH of the water to make it Alkaline. NOT by adding substances to the water.  Alkaline by nature not chemicals.

Untamed Spirit Therepeutic Riding presents – Bringing Health Care Professionals and Nature-based therapies together – spend the day on the farm!



August 4, 2014 Barbara S. Ford, M.A.

Founder/Executive Director

Untamed Spirit Therapeutic & Educational Program

(757) 288-5999




Bringing Health Care Professionals and Nature-based therapies together


Virginia Beach, VA – Untamed Spirit Therapeutic and Educational Program presents the First Annual Integrative Wellness Expo on September 13, 2014 from 10:00 am to 3:00pm at Forward Motion Farm in rural Pungo.


Integrative wellness is a relatively new way of thinking about personal healthcare that includes mind, body and spirit. Learn how nature-based activities such as horseback riding, music and art therapies can reduce stress, decrease depression, increase self-esteem and empower young people to take a stand against compelling issues such as bullying and teen suicide. Integrative wellness is changing the way doctors, therapists and individuals view healthcare and is on the upswing world-wide by looking at the entire person as a whole and designing strategies that will compliment each part of a person’s diagnosis, including nutrition, a variety of therapies, medications and more.


Dressage Rider, Sallie Stewart, will be a guest speaker discussing her rehabilitation from a Traumatic Brain Injury as the result of a fall from her horse. Learn more while watching a therapeutic riding lesson, receive a massage, listen to a variety of music, smell essential oils and find out what works great for depression and for individuals with Autism!


A “ZUMBA at the Farm” fundraiser with Justine Reyes-Ford will begin at 1:30 with a Children’s Zumba and then 2:00 pm for adults, all are invited to exercise your way to health in a natural farm setting. $10 advance tickets, $15 at the door.


Untamed Spirit is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2010 which provides therapeutic horseback riding, small animal activities, and educational programs for children and adults with special needs. Typical challenges include Autism, Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, depression, stroke and intellectual disabilities. Your support at this event will assist in the expansion of mental health programs and daily upkeep of the organization’s horses, ponies and small animals. Equine Assisted Activities enhance daily functioning for millions of people with disabilities every year. Positive benefits from the partnership with horses include increased self-esteem, decrease in depressive symptoms, muscle strengthening, increased verbal and social skills and improved coordination.


For Sponsorship or Vendor information, or to find out how to participate or volunteer contact barb@untamedspirit.org or visit our website: http://www.untamedspirit.org.