Kangen Water Rocks Again

I love sharing water, and when the results turn the tables in someones health I feel so blessed.


The past few months I have been giving water to Lynn for her mother. She had stage 4 cancer in 4 areas of her body.  In May her CA # was 522.  They opted for chemo, in addition to that they used Kangen water,  CBD and prayer.  One month later she had marked improvement.  Mid July the doctors were astonished, they commented they had never seen such a quick turn around.  By the end of July they stopped her Chemo. At that point her CA # was 86.

She was drinking the 9.5ph water along with 8 ounces of 11.5 two times a day.

Kangen Water Rocks!


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I am a health nut. I love the feeling of being fit. I've enjoyed most sport from a very young age, from ski racing to windsurfing. I raced sailboats and windsurfers ever chance I had. After college I opened a windsurf and ski shop and continued to race and host race events. I have won 2 National Championships in Windsurfing. I joined the Olympic Development Team in 1989 and raced windsurfers all over the world. My real love is horses and I reside on my own 5 acre farm in Virginia Beach. Currently I am pursuing a certification in Nutrition.
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