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Patti Kiley –  2x National Windsurf Champion – Trained on the US Olympic Windsurfing Team 89-92

I have always had a quest for natural living. Just recently I made some interesting connections with people and ideas. Some of the ideas where familiar to me, but I just didn’t know the way to implement them into my diet and lifestyle.  One the most interesting findings so far was the water that I was buying every week for myself and my kids to drink, it was not the best choice I had made.  In fact a quick pH test showed it was very acidic, not ideal for your body.

I am dsusanedicating this site to Susan DiGiovanni (1959-2014), my friend of 

38yrs,  she lost her life to cancer and inspired me to look closely at 

what we put into our bodies.

I want to thank Dr. John Salas – Doctor of Naturopathy, Trena & Bobby Callis, Clay Delaney and Don Davison for all their guidance & help.  Thank you and God Bless!

Contact Patti – Patti759@hotmail.com / call or text  (757) 383-0173

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