Parasites – Information and Treatment

There have been several videos lately showing the increase of parasites especially if you own pets.

Click here to get the most information  – Basic Facts.  From Humans who eat Sushi to owning Pets -and what they live own.  Disturbing but this is what you need to know. There is no way to avoid them, just treat them.

Click here to see video this one is very graphic of the removal of one in the eye.

Click here to see video  –  animal parasites that humans can contract.

Click here for treatment video  –  The Patriot Nurse.

Treatment recommended:

Black Walnut Herbal Combination 1500 mg  –  3 Capsules a day for 2 weeks

Diatomaceous Earth – Food Grade this is a natural product  – 1 tsp 2x a daily

Papaya Seeds  –  put 1 tsp a day in your smoothie

This is a Vegan’s Blog and 16 day Parasite Cleanse Diet

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