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AcuLife Patches for Horses

January 8, 2014 / by Patti Kiley

AcuLife is an incredible new technology designed to provide natural pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for your horse. AcuLife employs the use of LifeWave’s exclusive patch technology to gently stimulate pressure points on the skin, improving the body’s energy flow for natural relief of aches and pains. No drugs, stimulants, magnets, or needles are used or enter the body.

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It appears that Aculife Patches are really taking offlife wave horse &  foallifewave horse foal

This show the patches on the back of a mare that just foaled at the New Bolton Equine Clinic, PA

With horses, it’s important to know that bad behavior is not always a mind issue; the majority of the time it is caused by pain. AcuLife patches are especially beneficial for horses that are active in rodeo events, barrel races, or any other equine sport.

Musculoskeletal Pain Relief in Horses – IceWave – Clinical Study

Infrared Thermal Imaging Quantifies the Efficacy of IceWave® Patches in Musculoskeletal Pain Relief
in Horses. Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. 2011;30 (1):17-25.
DeRock L, Clark D, Nazeran H.

The purpose of this clinical study was to use infrared thermal imaging to quantify the efficacy of
IceWave® patches in pain relief with horses, as well as reduction in painful and inflamed areas. If the
study was to prove successful, researchers would need to see IceWave® Patches produce a highly
significant cooling effect (pain reduction) in the areas affected by pain in horses.

The researchers worked with 38 horses in this clinical study with every horse being scanned 4 to 10
times each, providing a total of 165 thermal measurements. The results that were generated from the
use of the IceWave® Patches were extraordinary. Statistical analysis of infrared thermal imaging data
revealed a highly significant (p<0.0001) effect due to wearing the IceWave® Patches in the affected
(painful) areas in all horses with a statistical power of 100%. In other words, every horse that wore
IceWave patches experienced a reduction in pain and inflammation within minutes of use! Based upon
these findings the data clearly reveals the IceWave® Patches produce a highly significant cooling
effect (pain reduction) in the areas affected by pain in horses. It was also observed that the IceWave®
Patches exert a warming effect due to increased perfusion in hypothermic (cold) areas affected by
abnormal circulation.

The remarkable thing to note about this clinical study is not simply to illustrate the efficacy of the
patches in reducing pain through a cooling effect shown with thermal imaging, but also to note that
where needed, the patches were able to produce a warming effect in areas of poor circulation! The
technology behind the LifeWave patches is astounding, and when paired with the body; human or
animal, the possibilities are endless.

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