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LifeWave Testimonials

February 17, 2014 / by Patti Kiley

“The result are very impressive”

Within the first two weeks of using the LifeWave Patches, I noticed a significantly positive increase in my cardiovascular abilities. The ease of use and effectiveness are the two characteristics that have created my confidence in this product. As a test of my own, I tried the patches on a few of my Black Belts. After an hour and a half of strenuous workout, each student did his/her maximum amount of pushups, applied the patches and waited three minutes, then continued pushups and 4/5 students were able to complete more than 10% more pushups. Another test consisted of one of my Instructor’s wearing the patches during an Aerobic Kickboxing class. After this 800 calorie workout, the Instructor felt as though he could teach another Aerobic Kickboxing class. My own experience consisted of my workout during a Black Belt Class. During an hour of sparring I was able to maintain my physical exertion at the same level as I began the class with.Looking over at the other Instructors and students in the class, I noticed that everyone was winded and their energy level was decreasing. I felt that the patches aided me in my cardiovascular output and in my body’s recovery time between opponents. This result was very impressive to me and reflecting upon my experience and my students’ experiences with the product; I feel confident about the effects and look forward to sharing this with others in the future.

Brian D. Manna, International Master Instructor, Hall of Fame inductee, FBI San Diego Citizen Academy Graduate 2005

Patching for Jet Lag

11 April 2011 Marina – Hi everyone does anyone have any suggestions for using the
patches with jetlag travelling from Sydney to LA. I am worried because my daughter
has to perform the 4 days after we arrive in Disneyland and Universal studios and I
would like her to recover from the flight as quickly as possible?

David: Hi Marina, last time Muffet and I flew to L.A. from Manila, about the same time
span to L.A. as Sydney, we used:

• 2 sets of Energy – one on Lung 1, and one on Lung 9, wrist,
• 2 Glutathione, on CV 6 and CV 17.

We were amazed at the results, zero jet lag and slept fully there the very first night.
These positions from David Schmidt himself, however now he puts an IceWave on lower
back to help protect the back from being immobile for so long.

I’m sure an Aeon on GV 14 would not go astray either.

Yes put them on before you leave home and leave them on until you get to your hotel
and I’m sure you will get the same results as we did. I know of others who have too.
Good luck and enjoy your trip.

16 April 2011 Update
Hi David Just to give you an update on wearing the patches over to LA. Well I do believe
we had a positive result. Everyone seems to be fine and we were into day 2 of our trip
and other than the usual soreness of walking around a theme park for 12 hours a day we
all seem to be coping fine. My Daughter who has been dancing is going really well no
complaints of being tired only lost her voice from screaming on rides.


By Stephen Miller

On Saturday, May 7, 2005, Chad Vaughn of Konowa, OK became the first American Weightlifter to win a National Championship using the LifeWave patches.
The USA Weightlifting National Championships were held in Cleveland, Ohio. Chad competed against 13 top ranked lifters in the 85kg(187lbs) weight class. Chad won with a 335kg (737lbs) total. He Snatched 150kg (330 lbs) and Cleaned & Jerked 185kg (407 lbs).
Chad had been using the LifeWave patches for about 5 weeks before the competition.

Stephen Miller, USA Senior International Weightlifting Coach, USA STARS Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


“Yesterday I had the fastest swim of the day including all the pros at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was wearing LifeWave patches. They now say I am the fastest swimmer in the world in the triathlon . . . in the race I beat the World’s # 1 ranked triathlon swimmer.” Cyle Sage,Dade City, Florida

Background:Cyle is 39 years old and has been competing in ironman, marathon and triathlon events all his adult life.At the St. Anthony’s Triathlon there were 3,700 contestants including 100 top pros in the world, the 2004 Olympic Silver and Bronze triathlons, and Greg Bennett the #1 ranked triathlon athlete in the world.Cyle swam representing “Team JointFlex – Timex” which came in first place overall of the 130 relay teams. He was in the “20th start wave” and had to swim in choppy water in and around about 1,200 others. Cyle’s time for his leg of the relay was 18 minutes, 33 seconds. This time was 33 seconds faster than the #1 swimming triathlon in the world from France.ST. ANTHONY’S TRIATHLON, Sunday – April 24, 2005St. Petersburg, Florida Swim 1.5K · Bike 40K · Run 10KAs the first major race on the U.S. calendar, St. Anthony’s Triathlon has kicked off the triathlon season in North America for the past 22 years. Over the years, St. Anthony’s Triathlon has been named “Race of the Year” by USA Triathlon and has served as a qualifier for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Athletes from 42 states and 13 countries participated in 2004.


83 Year Old Uses LifeWave

Still Hanging Around At 83I am an 83 year old, relatively healthy, active single woman. And I pay attention to complaints from my body. My daughter brought me a one-week trial packet of LifeWave patches. During that week of going about my usual activities I became aware of subtle but amazing changes in how my body was functioning:1. My daily stretching exercises made me feel more awake and lighter.2. The most pull-ups I could do while hanging from my ankles on my Gravity Hanger increased from 10 to 15 the first day, to 20 the second day, and to 26 at the end of the week. This increased my pulse rate and broke a light sweat, but it also produced a feeling of more energy being available.3. I could use the stairs to my third floor apartment without needing the hand rail even at the top.4. Folding my arthritic spine in and out of my car was not accompanied by groans of stiffness.5. Standing up from a firm chair required only one attempt, instead of leaning far forward and heaving upward.6. I had much better balance when walking the few blocks to local services, and my feet articulated much better.7. My energy level does not diminish in the late afternoons, nor do I fall asleep if I sit down intending to read.
8. How could I not order my first month’s supply of patches by next-day mail?LifeWave Goes To The North Pole Kazuko Ikeda and Rhonda Smith Sanchez show off their patches
at the North Pole! Great going – another LifeWave first.
Rhonda Smith Sanchez, 5x Overall World Champion Windsurfer, and Kazuko Ikeda, Olympic Alpine skier, both took themselves way out of their comfort zone this past month. With temperatures and wind-chill factors that drained their body’s beyond any elite level performances previously experienced, they counted on the patches to give them the boost to fully experience what is feels like to literally be on top of the World.

The expedition was a month long trip complete with dog sledding and trekking all capped off with being welcomed into the very illusive club to summit the globe. “The patches are like our US postal service, rain sleet or snow, they always deliver !”, said Sanchez on her return to her tropical home in Maui. Ikeda echoed Sanchez’s sentiments saying, ” as my mind hits the wall, I can always count on that extra energy tank that only the patches can produce.”

Excellence is a habit that can be learned in pursuing the details of squeezing every ounce performance from ones body and LifeWave enhances our capacity on a quantifiable level, bottom line, they work on every athlete we have tested them on.


This year 2005 World Cup Kiteboarding Championship will be as exciting as ever, with the speed, jumps, turns and aerial acrobatics that you would expect to see from this amazing extreme sport.

What is Kiteboarding you ask? Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is a relatively new form of surfing that combines wakeboarding with parasail style gigantic kites. If you have been to a southern beach in the last year or so, you have probably noticed the bright, colorful kites flying over the ocean surface with a person attached to the 20 something meter kite lines. Kiteboarding evolved through man’s primal need to do something completely outrageous and use the earth’s natural energy to power him/her, or should we say empower him/her.

Team Leaders Kevin Seaman and Donna Feeley are bringing the LifeWave Patches to The 2005 World Cup Kiteboarding Championship in Cabarete, Dominican Republic June 20-26, and they will be supplying the athletes with a different kind of POWER. LifeWave Power!

The two independent distributors are representing LifeWave as exclusive sponsors for the international event. “I think LifeWave is an absolutely outstanding technology and we are very excited to introduce the Energy Patch at the 2005 World Cup”, Seaman commented. Through his critically acclaimed Winning Mind Set Strategies, Seaman has helped thousands of athletes find the mental edge to unlock the power of their mind in competition and personal performance with The Winning Mind Set, which he teaches as a credit course at Cornell University.

Now, he is integrating the extraordinary qualities of the LifeWave Patch to unlock athletic performance potential at a new level.

Hawaii Pro Wave World Cup

Team MPG’s Josh Angulo won the PWA season opener, at the Jeep Hawaii Pro Wave World Cup, using the LifeWave Patches.

“There is pixie dust and then there are the patches, I felt great all day” said Angulo after his victory.