The French Health Department Classifies LifeWave Patches as Medical Device


10.09.2012  A major new milestone has been reached

LifeWave has had its patch products for the assessment of the French health department and the method of treatment is now approved! LifeWave has established a new medical division of the company and will market a new product to doctors in hospitals throughout the EU and this new product has been classified Medical devices Class 1.

The new classification will be accepted by all 28 EU member states and LifeWave is in the process of converting Silent Nights for an upgraded product, according to the new project. Silent Nights will require new packaging to reflect the new classification. The packaging will be CE marked and we will make specific medical claims about the product.

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  • LifeWave CEO, David Schmidt, liked so many of the questions submitted yesterday that he would like to answer more than 1 and post the answers this week and next week as well!


    For the first one, David picked LifeWave Team Mallorca’s question, “In the conference in Barcelona last year you mentioned that LifeWave was working on a stronger IceWave patch for use in French hospitals for post-operatory patients. I haven’t heard anything since. What is the update on this project?”


    “The Medical Division of our company – called LifeWave Med – IS NOT using a stronger version of the IceWave patch to treat pain. Instead, we are using a new patch system that has been developed for treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis. In January of this year we received the written report on the clinical study that was performed at 5 hospitals in France. The results were extraordinary; with 150 patients at 5 hospitals, with 15 medical doctors supervising, we experienced a 93% success rate! At this point we are forming a working relationship with a large number of hospitals in France and expect this product to be available in hospitals later this year.”

This approach gives distributors a completely new and very lucrative income opportunity. More information will follow when available.

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