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I have found many Advantages and Uses for Kangen Water.

Drinking it gives a new meaning to water!

This high charged, High Alkaline Level Water improves your health

Drinking 2 liters or more a day corrects the acidic tendency of your body to a more alkaline body.

The machine also has lower ph settings for other uses… so far I have used the 2.5 ph water for many skin conditions.  One remarkable change was on my dogs leg, after seeing the vet this past spring and 2 rounds of antibiotics his skin lesion that he had for almost 1 year, has healed after 1 month for spraying 2-3 times per week with 2.5 Water!  It is amazing!   ….’ Update:: !  I used it on my dog’s open wound,  it healed withing one week spraying 2x”s a day,  amazing.

The machine can also produce 11.5 ph water which is incredible for cleaning. I have gotten rid of most of my under the sink

products,  also 11.5ph is a fantastic vegetable wash!

The list goes on and on … See my posts!

6.0 ph water used to soften the skin!!  LOVE  IT!

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Video: Kangen Water and How it heals the Colon!

Kangen Water and Diabetes

Kangen Water and Cancer

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After 2 weeks of spraying the area with 2.5 ph Kangen Water,  Eczema is reduced

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