Amazing Kangen Facts

It maybe only water to you, but ask me, “this water will change your life”. Water that has been hit with ELECTRICITY!! Yes it is still water.  Ok this is for anyone that want to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy. It starts at the cellular level – get healed from the inside out!

Recently I watched a clip with about Cancer and the Doctor mentioned Steve Jobs, whom recently died from Cancer and did not use alterative medicine and no Kangen Water, then he mentioned Lance Armstrong who is alive and thriving, had Cancer and is using Alternative Medicine and Kangen Water.  OK now here is there long time friend, Bill Gates whom recently bought 16 machines for his personal use.   Doesn’t this speak volumes to you – it gives me chills down my spine.  It really is that awesome.  Bill Gates knows – Kangen Water.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs


My son was diagnosed with asthma at age 5. In February 2011, we purchased our very own Japanese medical device from Enagic. He was 10 by then and began too, to drink Kangen water. Within a few months we noticed an improvement on his health. He began to have less asthma attacks. I recall how difficult it was for him to breath with ease. Many sleepless nights, missed school, the anxiety of watching him struggle to breath as he slept. Here’s a picture of his last Asthma medications taken the same year we began to drink Kangen water, back in February 2011. Thank you God for this blessing !

Asthma or Kangen

Asthma or Kangen

Carl Wilt Same with my 2 daughters. We have had a 90% reduction in breathing treatments since 2011 and Kangen Water. The pulmacourt preventative inhaler cost me $900 per quarter for the 3 years prior to 2011. Yes, $3,600 per year. Praise God for Kangen Water

2.5 ph Water –

Heather Mangin  and her dog Penny –

Once in awhile your best friend is going to take a giant dump on your floor.

I used to resort to bleach and chemicals to clean it up because the dookie smell makes me die a little inside. Now, I use 2.5pH Strong Acidic water to clean up her mess. The 2.5pH water kills 99.9% bacteria in 30 seconds. No chemicals. No lingering scent that makes me feel like I need to air out the area. No more stink! And it’s safe for my little Penny.

I’ve replaced cleaners; I stopped buying Febreze (seriously this is probably my #1 FAVORITE use for 2.5pH water); My roommate actually uses it in replacement for deodorant; I sanitize my kitchen sink/countertops, Penny’s cage/blankets/pillows/toys, cutting boards, door knobs; and I use it as a natural hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out my skin.

I LOVE the fact that the Kangen water machine produces 5 different types of water for a multitude of uses. It’s unreal how one machine can replace so many things . No more clorox!  Go even greener with KANGEN WATER  2.5

Clorox vs Kangen Water

Kangen Vs Cancer – A link for videos about natural non-toxic treatments for cancer called “The Truth about Cancer” and in the fourth episode, they talk about the importance of drinking restructured water that is rich in minerals and has a negative electrical charge. It is great material to show in demos, etc.

You can purchase physical DVDs and transcripts, or just downloads. It is important material to have as unfortunately, the prevalence of cancer is so great.

Alkaline Antioxidant Water & Animals

How Kangen Water® Help Animals

Kangen Water® is a healthy antioxidant, which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and we can we share this water with our pets!

Water from Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine can improve the quality of life for our favorite pets. Consider the fact that these animals spend all their time on the floor, the ground and even on chairs where we have used chemicals for cleaning and where they are prone to bacteria, insects and parasites. Our pets can benefit from drinking Kangen Water, which can increase their immunity to these challenges, and help to detoxify their systems.

As the word travels and more people own Kangen Water machines, then naturally, more household pets will share in the benefits.

MEDICAL Report: Benefits of Alkaline Water Explained

Benefits of Alkaline, Ionized Water

By Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D.

Director, Water Institute of Japan

Why Drink Alkaline Ionized Water?

The Basics

Water, The chemistry of life.

Whenever we attempt to determine whether there is life as we know it on Mars or other planets, scientists first seek to establish whether or not water is present.

Why? Because life on earth totally depends on water.

A High percentage of living things, both plant and animal are found in water.


Ray Kurzweil, Scientist & Inventor

Q&A About Alkaline Antioxidant Water

–>Dr. Ray Kurzweil (pictured) is one of the top scientists in the US. He strongly supports drinking alkaline water.

Ray Kurzweil was inducted in 2002 into the National Inventors Hall of Fame,

established by the U.S. Patent Office. He received the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT

Prize, the nation’s largest award in invention and innovation.

Perfect Health IS Possible


Your body knows this state.

Kangen water gently returns you to your original, perfect, healthy self!


When you drink Alkaline Antioxidant Water or Kangen Water,

each sip provides loads of anti-oxidants, which

make your cells healthy, ward off aging and illness.

Wait, what?

Yeah. The water produced by the Japanese made, Kangen machine makes the healthiest water available. It removes all the stuff you don’t want, and keeps all the natural minerals you need.



by Dr. Dave Lesman

Most Doctors and Health Professionals will not endorse a product unless that product can be proven trustworthy. Those same standards apply to Health Facilities such as Hospitals and Health Clinics. Most would agree that these institutions use State-of-the-Art equipment and products simply because people’s lives are at stake.

Debunking Debunkers: KANGEN & Added Chemicals


The Enagic machine doesn’t add any chemicals in order to make the awesome alkaline, ionized and MICROCLUSTERED water.

If you’ve heard this, you’ve heard it from a competitor to scare you or persuade you against the Enagic company.

Enagic is the Benchmark for all other ionizers on the market. They are ‘copy cats’. Enagic had to had to go to court to stop the slander. Competitors pay people to ‘review’ their Ionizers. Or distributors falsely represent ‘independent, unbiased’ reviews.

The Value of Enagic = The Value of Yourself

It comes down to this:

How much are YOU worth it, to live a life fully?

Can you place a price on your life?

Your Quality of Life is dependent on YOUR HEALTH.

The quality of your health determines

how much you can enjoy to do the things you like with ease, energy, enthusiasm.

Is the total of your worth from now until you die, more than $4,000?

Of course it is!

Everyone wants to:

Age gracefully: have energy, look and feel younger than your age.


What does Anti-Oxidation look like? This is an apple core after 2 days of oxidation. Would you rather look like the apple or vibrant?

Our body fights with oxidation on a daily basis. It is a never ending battle that ages us faster than what we would like. On top of that, we, also, battle with damaging free radicals, poor eating habits, sodas, stress, toxins and pesticides. All of these factors all play a role with the acceleration of aging.

Shan Statton, Pro Sports Nutrionist on the Best Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Shan Stratton, Sports Nutrional Consultant

Shan is a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL,NY YANKEES, AZ DIAMONDBACKS, HOUSTON ROCKETS, LA DODGERS, etc. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, and Cynthia Cooper to name a few.

Straton says drinking Kangen Water® is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes.

The Best Alkaline Antioxidant Machine on the market. Do your research!

My Opinion about Enagic’s SD501 Kangen Water Machine vs. Products that Claim to be the “Same” only “Cost Less” By: Lauri Tauscher August 2009

” Enagic is not looking for customers that have been attracted to the web by Chanson or Jupiter or Tyent machine owners. I suggest to folks that they visit and see how many references to “competition” they see. There is a reason for the dichotomy.

Kangen, Health & Rock & Roll

Tyler, Aerosmith Lead Singer and American Idol Judge says:

“Somehow a wineglass makes my Kangen Water taste better.”

He reveals: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

with KANGEN making his list!

Hollywood stars and top Music Artists are on the Kangen Water Wagon… err, rather, NOT leaving home with out their ‘juice’.

STEVE TYLER, Aerosmith


Find out why Celebrities are Buying this Machine.

HYDRATE FOR HEALTH. Educate Yourself.

Change Your Water. Change Your Life!

Enagic manufactures the top alkaline water ionizer on the market worldwide. Only the Enagic machine can make KANGEN WATER.

Please visit the corporate website for more information on:



*note any purchases must include a Distributor ID.

Patrice Kiley  757-383-9173   Sponsor ID #6176604

Pregnancy & Alkaline Water

What every expecting mother should know!

The Facts about Pregnancy & Alkaline Water Part 1 Contributed by Sang Whang, author of Reverse Aging

In recent years there have been many questions raised about the safety of drinking alkaline water during pregnancy, for both mother and baby. This article has been written to help answer these questions.

Optimal Performance: What You Need To Know About Hydration

Building Better Athletes begins with education. That’s my son you see on the bike. He’s now 19, swimming at a Division I university, and is no stranger to sport, dedication, nutrition, and hydration. Whether you learn at a young age from your Mom, or as an adult, through trial and error, or from others who’ve been there, to be the best, means to seek the best information. I like Becky’s take on Hydration for Optimal Performance. It’s nothing new, it’s wise, and science and info you can use.

Athletes Who Hydrate Wisely, Hydrate on a Cellular level

Marathoners are running better times than when they were 20. Hockey players are coming off the ice with no body aches. Gymnasts are more flexible.

Even weekend warriors are getting better muscle definition with less strain. These are just some of the results from testimonies from Athletes Who Drink Kangen Water®. The hydration is provides has changed the possibilities for numerous athletes.

There are countless benefits from drinking ionized, alkaline water.

Kangen for Athletes (1).ppt – – online file sharing and storage – download

Kangen for Athletes (1).ppt – – online file sharing and storage – download: Kangen for Athletes (1).ppt
Sshan-stratton-profile001-2Shan Stratton, Sports Nutrional Consultant

Shan is a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL,NY YANKEES, AZ DIAMONDBACKS, HOUSTON ROCKETS, LA DODGERS, etc. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, and Cynthia Cooper to name a few. 

Straton says drinking Kangen Water® is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes. He has promoted and counseled the use of high quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years.

Shan researched Enagic’s Kangen water, even trying it himself before endorsing the Kangen water ionizer. Shan met with Enagic’s executive staff and scientists, and personally investigated the integrity of both the company and the products. SEE his video testimonial.
The reason for this is that he has tremendous integrity at stake with his involvement with so many high powered sports figures and coaches internationally. Shan is known internationally for his training sessions and corporate speaking events as a nutritionist, a sports supplementation specialist, and a renowned motivational speaker.
Shan is committed to the mission of changing the “sick care” of America and the world over to a true Health & Wellness Care system. He is passionate about being an International speaker helping educate the world about the tremendous health benefits of drinking alkalized, antioxidant-charged, super-hydrating Kangen Water® from the only company that has the seal of approval from the Japanese medical community.S.

Did you Know, you’re Likely DEHYDRATED right now?

Have Optimal, Perfect Health!

Dehydration Facts

Sources: F. Batmanghelidj, MD Your Body’s Many Cries for Water Christopher Vassey, ND The Water Prescription

• 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated.

• For about 1/3 of us, thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

• Mild dehydration reduces metabolism by as much as 3%.

• One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs,

(Univ. of Washington study)

• Lack of water is the primary cause of daytime fatigue.

Cancer Specialist says Kangen Water is a baseline treatment

If you know anyone who has or has suffered with cancer you should forward this to them and insist they read it!!

The Exec Dir. of the American Anti-Cancer Institute has written a book: “Killing Cancer – Not People”. In chapter six entitled: “Step Three of the Cancer Diet: Restructured, Ionized Water Could Save Your Life”, Robert G.

Dehydration can cause Lower Back Pain, Sciatica. Kangen water can help.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD, London schooled, now a US agent of alternative medicine and a Kangen Water proponent explains it this direction:

Unintended dehydration is dominantly arising from our misplaced opinion that we assume we are adequately hydrated because we ingest soda, coffee, tea and alcohol and 6 glasses of water a day. In effect we lose more water and salt than we ingest since of the dehydrating effect of coffee, tea, soda and alcohol. In inadvertent dehydration:

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