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What Is Kangen Water™ by Enagic?

April 18, 2014 / by Patti Kiley

What Is Kangen Water™?

Used in Japanese hospitals for over 40 years, Kangen Water™ converts acidity in the body to alkalinity while providing superior hydration. Since the acidic, dehydrated body provides the perfect environment for cancer, parasites, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and many other diseases; increasing hydration and alkalinity provides a host of health benefits.


Not All Water Is Created EqualKangen water is produced by a machine that comes very close to duplicating the superior healing waters found naturally occurring on our planet in places like the Himalayas and the Lourdes springs.
How Kangen Water™ Benefits You
Each glass of therapeutic Kangen Water™ contains millions of anti-oxidants, increases the body’s supply of available oxygen, provides calcium and other vital minerals and removes the toxins that cause the body to become unwell.Alkaline ionized water also super-hydrates the body due to its unique molecular structure.
Kangen Water™ Fast Facts
Kangen Water™ is full of negatively charged hydroxyl ions that can help in the prevention and alleviation of conditions such as arthritis, cancer, heart problems and Alzheimer’s.One glass of Kangen Water™ is equivalent to 16 glasses of green tea in terms of antioxidant activity.Kangen Water™ is a rich source of alkaline minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium.The anti-oxidants in Kangen Water™ are powerful anti-aging components that search and attack “free radicals” in the body that can damage healthy tissue and cause a range of conditions.Alkalizing your body reduces the possibility of diseases of acidity such as cancer, immune dysfunction, arthritis and infection from viruses, bacteria and fungi.Dr. Dave Carpenter