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Healing Water!!  This is a TV news story check it out
Rich Vosler
March 24 at 9:08am

Update on the woman I met on Friday who has owned our machine for several years and was not trained on it…she has breast cancer, stage 4 with an open wound that no doctor will close up because “we don’t close cancer wounds, we only remove the cancer. ” Well, she doesn’t want chemo or radiation so no doctor will close it up. After showing her the proper way to make 2.5 strong acidic water and 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen water she used both waters before she went to sleep. She called me Saturday morning and told me that she’s been dealing with this open wound for over a year and has tremendous pain while sleeping. After using the waters she had no pain during the night and slept the best she has in over a year. I am just blown away by the power of our water. If you’re on the fence about looking into this, you need to hop off the fence and investigate this.This is real and is worth at least looking at for better health. I’m not making any medical claims. I am saying that if you give your body what it needs it has the power to heal itself.

Blood Test  – red blood cellsJudy M (former ICU Neuro nurse)….”I went to my Dr’s office for standard blood work. They drew it and analyzed it on the spot. I have been anemic for 20 years or more. My white blood count has been low for 5 years…..ALL of my labs were NORMAL today!!!

A little acid water electrocuting and whitening tip 
by: Leilani I brush my teeth and swallow a small amount of 2.5 and it whitens the teeth. The small amount is just enough to get into the saliva and take off the yellow for the day. Just by eating, my teeth turn yellow every day. I do this after dinner and first thing in the morning. It settles my stomach just enough to stimulate not enough for a drink. About a spoonful.The brown specks in my blue green eyes are getting lighter. I see the purity and straight lines of the color of eyes and less brown that ever before. Forty years ago, eye lines were wavy and legions everywhere. My skin has had break outs for 18 years. I’m hoping this daily acid bath will wipe out what pathogen is in the system. I’m counting 20 days to electrocute it all with the acid water and sleeping on it as it cleans internally all night.

My House Plants & Kangen Water®  Beauty Water for Plants!!!
by: Colleen Roberts My house plants have always been very important and well cared for… so much so that when I was using bottled water that was all my plants would have too and they were quite healty looking. Now I know why… the bottled water was quite acidic and the plants seemed to like that.Now that I have my SD501, most of the house plants are on beauty water and the results have been astonishing! My prayer plant sits in the entrance of our home… I don’t know how many times someone has come in and pointed to the plant and asked if the plant is real! It really is quite remarkable to see how well plants thrive on the beauty water.I do find my Aloe Vera does much better on 8.5 Kangen Water®. If you are unsure about a plant then you may want to Google the plant, you will easily find out if the plant prefers acidic or alkaline conditions and it would be best to water accordingly.

Cleaning and Cooking with Kangen Water®
by: Debbie Shkuratoff I must say I am still amazed when I clean my food with the 11.5 strong alkaline water at what comes off. You will see the residue after just a few minutes. We use organic and are careful about our food choices.This weekend I was making soups, salads, I also cooked a roastbeef, and various other meals as we had company. I cleaned the meat as well, I left it for 5 minutes in the 11.5, rinsed and left for 10-20 minutes in 9.5 PH Kangen Water®. The meat was so tenderized, everyone made comments about the meals on how tender and tasty everything was.Cooking with Kangen Water® really holds the taste, the freshness and the color. Even though it takes a few extra minutes, it’s well worth it!

Tinnitus vanished with 9.5 Kangen Water 
by: Anonymous I had internal ear noises 24/7 for almost 4 years.
Starting drinking 8.5 Kangen and continuous with 9.5 my tinnitus was gone in 5 days. Amazing…
Thank you micro-cluster benefit from Kangen Water!

Contact Lenses and Shaving
by: Jan Moore Boyer My contact lenses are 16 months old! Yes, disposables I used to throw away every 6 weeks.I clean and store them with 11.5 and contact lens cleaning drops, then disinfect the case and lenses once or twice/week with 2.5ph.No more expense of saline and the weekly drops ~ that’s a huge savings!! My lenses and eyes are clearer than they have been since 1978 when I first started with contacts.The guys in my family are shaving with 11.5, getting the smoothest, longest lasting shaves and no cuts or abrasions! No more toxic shave cream!Testimony posted by Linda Cavazos from California on 2/12/2014.
In 2001, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was so sick, I was barely getting to work two days out of the week. My symptoms were joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, hip pain, chest pain, entire body ache, stiff neck, insomnia, irritable bowel movement, fatigue, constipation, leg cramps, daily fever due to my body trying to fight back, low immune system, acid reflux caused from the medications taken daily, most of which were drugs (prescribed drugs). These drug were so addictive the hospital would ask me to sign a waiver relieving them of being sued in the event that I became addictive to these drugs. I was in so much pain, I popped those pills even though it kept me in a daze unable to properly care for my children. I was severely depressed taking more pills, then more pills for my anxiety. Pills, pills, and more pills is what the doctors ordered. I was tired, wondered why me? Wondered what I had done to deserve this? Then one day in October of 2008 I was offered the Kangen water. After three weeks of drinking this amazing water, all symptoms were gone. Yes, I felt like brand new. My life changed and I was able to go back to work 5 days out of the week and even worked overtime. This Kangen water saved my life!! People sometimes ask me, are you sure it was the water? I say, try the Kangen water and see for yourself. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know what it can do for you and your family. Just try it, I did!! Remember, its your health, your life, and your family who’s at stake here. Make the right choice, you will not regret it!!It took three weeks of drinking Kangen water to Change my Life. How long will it take you? Time is ticking, its up to you to find out how long it will be for you and your family. As long as you hesitate to try the Kangen water, you’ll never know!! Ask any distributor for a free trial or message me. We will be glad to help!! ~Linda Cavazos
Sanka is a 13 year old Lab (he is my dog).  In 2012 he had a skin sore on his leg that he had licked open  (looked like raw hamburg).   My vet prescribed 2 types of antibiotics – 4 weeks dose and said that should take care of it.  So with the cone around his head for weeks and the antibiotics we thought we were good.   It did not take care of it. Months went by and the sore looked terrible no change.  Late 2013, I went to a Kangen Water Demo and was given a small brown spray bottle of 2.5 ph.  I was told to spray it on his sore every day, at first I sprayed about 2x a week – within 2 weeks I noticed it started to heal, then started every day.    I did not apply any ointments or cream just the 2.5 ph water.  What a remarkable healing treatment!  The sore is completely healed over and he does not lick at any longer!  – PattiSanka's legBella is a 4 year old Lab (she is my dog), very active and always looking for something to chase. She got into a tangle with a raccoon and it tore a large hole in her ear.  Several day later the ear became infected.  I used 2.5 strong acid water soaks with warm water, in 4 days the ear was pink and healthy, in 7 days the wound had completely closed.  I did not apply any ointments or cream just the 2.5 ph !Bella's earRoxi is 17 years old going on 4 (actually acting like a kitten most of the time).  She has been drinking Kangen Water™ 9.5 for 2 years.  At the time, when she was 15, she acted like an “old” cat – sleeping all the time, and pretty listless.  She was also very introverted and skittish.Within 3 months of drinking the water we noticed that we would come home and her toys would be scattered all over the house.  I keep having to pick them up and put them back in her cat house.  Her fur has become shiny and silky smooth again (it had become dull and dry prior to the water).  And, maybe most importantly, her urine does not have an odor.  I would sometimes forget about her cat box because we could not notice any odor even right after she was done using it.She is back to her old 9:00 “crazies” around the house – jetting down the hall and back.  She has become more social and she even keeps our 70 lb. dog in check.-Lisa
Pet Name:
Orange County, CA
Types of water used: 
My cat Peep developed a growth on his right hind leg, close to his foot.  It started small and continued to grow. About a month ago, I decided to start spraying 2.5 pH strong acid water from our Kangen Water™machine on the growth, twice a day.  I know several people who were successful in eliminating cancerous & pre-cancerous growths by using 2.5 pH water – either by soaking or spraying the affected area.  After 2 weeks of spraying 2.5 pH water on Peep’s foot, I saw no change in the size and in fact, the growth was starting to bleed.
I was determined that this water would work but was puzzled as to why it didn’t seem to be helping.  That was when I realized my Kangen Water™ machine desperately needed to be cleaned. The ORP was down and the water was losing its “power.”  So I had the machine professionally deep cleaned and that’s when everything changed.  The ORP came back up and I felt more energized when drinking the water. The 2.5 pH acid water had its charge back and had that “bleachy” smell to it.I filled a spray bottle with fresh 2.5 pH acid water and started spraying Peep’s foot and gradually, the growth began to shrink! In 2 weeks, the growth is completely gone, with just the tiniest little scab under the new fur — and all this with no medical intervention.No trauma to my pet, nor to my bank account!!-Irene
Pet Name:
Cedar Rapids, IA
Types of water used: 
2.5, 9.5
Ten months ago Timmy started chewing his hair out. I got my SD-501 on June 15, 2010. I immediately started giving Timmy 9.5 pH Kangen Water™ to drink. As of September 21, 2010 just about all of his hair has grown back, and he is no longer chewing his hair out! I thank God for this wonderful machine.-Marti
Pet Name:
Dania Beach, FL
Types of water used: 
My machine is located in the upstairs bath. No matter where Tiger is, when I turn the machine on and the voice says “Kangen Water 9.5” the kitty comes running in to start drinking it and playing in the water. Tiger will not do this with any other sink or water supply.-Jeff

A Lifetime With Horses 
by: Carmen Kramer Interesting results: 7yr old pony had a fingernail size lesion above her right eye for over 1 ½ years. I had tried many veterinary, over the counter and natural remedies without results. The last product I tried actually looked like it burned the area and caused it to double in size. I was devastated. A friend of mine gave me 2.5pH water and 11.5pH Kangen Water® to try.After 2 weeks of 2.5pH Kangen Water®used topically 2x daily the skin was looking more “alive”. At 3 weeks I was noticing a very slight “fuz” of hair growth. At this point I also used 11.5pH Kangen Water® occasionally. At 4 weeks approximately 90% of the hair had grown back. By 2 months there was no visible lesion.A few months later the same pony popped a “splint”. I used 11.5pH water 2x daily on a cloth applied to the leg. Within 3 days there was a noticeable decrease in heat, by the 6th day the splint was cool.7 yr old TB x warmblood mare popped a splint (before I had my SD501). I iced the leg 2x daily , after 4 days there was no change in temperature of the splint. Once I got my machine I used 11.5pH Kangen Water® 2x daily, after 3 days I noticed cooling, 5 days later the splint was cool. On day 12 the splint was not sensitive to pressure, on day 14 she was back to light work. This was 2 weeks sooner than the time off from previous 2 splints she had.12 yr old DWB gelding with very large wind puffs on his back fetlocks. (jumper/equitation show horse)After 3-4 days on the 8.5pH water I first noticed his front legs had really tightened up, very similar to what a healthy young race horse leg would look like. But when I looked at his back legs I was even more amazed, his hind wind puffs were ½ the size! Within the next 4 days the hind wind puffs had shrunk to ¼ of what they had been for the last 6 years. This horse had had huge wind puffs since he was 6 or 7 years old. I have owned him since he was 4yrs old and had worked with him since he was a foal.He absolutely loves his Kangen Water and waits for it as I fill his 5 gal. bucket at night, by morning it is empty.Carmen Kramer
email: Carmen@carmenkramer.com


23 yr old TB gelding with rain rot – on going & really bad in the winter.  After spraying with 2.5 ph Kangen Water, the sores dried and the hair began to immediately fill in and grow. These pictures show 2 weeks after treatment began, spraying every other day – Patti

horse1horse 2


Shane Carling- of Results Now Fitness –  7/10/14
Good morning everyone! I wanted to tell ALL of you what Kangen water has personally done for me.The first time I tried the water was with Laurie F. I drank one glass and felt different. I remember both of us could feel a tingle up our spines! It was crazy. I continued to pound back glass after glass and walked out of Shane’s house HIGH on WATER!

I went home after and did a test. I tried to slam 12 glasses in a half hour like I did the previous day. I got to 3 before I felt blodded and instantly felt like crap. This is because tap water is FULL of chemicals and tap water is not micro clustered.

At this point of my life I was making minimum wage and living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I had absolute shit for credit and owed the bank money. This caused a problem….lol. I knew it would be a challenge to get this machine but I DID WHATEVER IT TOOK!

One of the most beautiful days of my life is the day I hooked up my sd501 platinum. I must have sent a million snapchats to everyone! Hahaha. That passion and fire has not died and never will. The water speaks for itself once you drink it on a daily basis FRESH from the machine.

After 2 days of drinking it all my back and ankle pains were gone. They were always cracked and soar from being to acidic and skateboarding. I have not felt those pains since I got my machine. I would slam 4 glasses at 6am and sit down, close my eyes, and literally feel my brain charge up! It’s absolutely outstanding!

Your body is 70% water with a brain between 80-90%. It only makes sense to put the best in your system. If you want your body to run like a Ferrari and not a rusty Civic then I suggest you CONTACT me so I can show you how to get started right because the best thing about getting a machine is you now have a global business and can help others with there health and wealth.




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