Awesome for Restaurants

Prepare the freshest salads with confidence.4 11.5 ph For Fruit and Veggies4 11.5 ph Veggies See Whats Removed

Clean your restaurant without chemicals and know that it is health department clean.


1 Kangen Water Cuts Grease_023 2.5 ph Uses 33 2.5 ph Uses 2


Lab Tests to prove it…..

3 2.5 ph Lab Test Ecoli3 2.5 ph Lab Test Salmomella2.5 sales tool pic

All in ine machine, using the Enagic Water Machine for all your needs, at the touch of a button.


1 Uses for Restaurants1 One Machine Does it

This is how others use it and offer it for the Best Antioxidant Beverage on Earth!! Serve your customers the BEST

1 Kangen Water in Restaurant1 Kangen Water Pizza Restaurant1 Used in Restaurants All Over the WorldHYDROGEN EFFECTKangen Water !!KANGEN FREE

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