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Science of Enagic’s Kangen Water

April 29, 2014 / by Patti Kiley

MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: None of the statements on this website are intended for diagnosis or  as a substitute for medical treatment.  The information presented here is for educational purposes only. Should you believe you are suffering from a medical condition  of any kind you should contact a qualified medical professional immediately.  The statements contained here in have not been reviewed or  approved by the FDA.


 “Kangen”  (Pronounced,  “KON GAN” is a Japanese word that means, “Return to Origin” as in return to our original vibrant health, by Enagic.

 Kangen Water TM is  any one of 5 types of specialty waters generated by  Enagic’s Medical Licensed, patented Life Science water conditioning devices.

 Kangen Water TM is the exclusive US trade mark of  ENAGIC USA. Kangen Water TM  is the trade name used to describe the unique, high quality, stable, powerful, Alkaline, Ionized,  Micro Clustered water made ONLY  by Enagic’s patented continuous Kangen Water TM generators.   Average life of an Enagic machine is 15-20 years, this is a superior made machine.


 AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON,  Enagic’s devices produce up to 5 types of Kangen Water TM  with varying  pH levels, each of which is ideal for multiple uses such as  drinking, cooking,  beauty and skin better sleep,  care, food preparation and chemical free sanitation.

 People who drink Kangen Water TM report significant health improvements including better sleep, healthy  weight reduction,  improved bowel function, reduced tissue inflammation, reduced arthritic pain, elimination of acid reflux, migraine head ache relief, increased joint flexibility, softer skin, darker hair, reduced  skin wrinkles, clearer complexions, reduced dry skin, improved  immune response, elevated mood, reduced stress and freedom from side effects  of various treatments, improved nervous system function, improved brain function, improved healing response, rapid recovery from wounds, illness and exercise, relief from a wide  array of gastro-intestinal disorders and relief from the discomfort of fibromialgia, relief from shaky leg  syndrome, and tinitis.

 Why hasn’t my doctor told me about the benefits of drinking Kangen Water TM?

 Unless your doctor has a serious interest in  alternative  healing modalities it is unlikely that he or she  will be educated about the the benefits of Kangen Water M.  Most doctors in the US  have a very limited exposure to the role that healthy nutrition or proper hydration play in sustaining  vibrant human health.  For the better part of the past 100 years the medical education system in America has been funded  by and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and based on a false assumption that all health problems have a pharmaceudical solution.  This approach is based on a belief that there is a pill for every ill.  Most  of the latest science concerning disease prevention  health care practices have been fiercely  rejected by the powerful  big pharma- industrial lobby which funds  most  medical research.  Due to the controlling influence of the  powerful, entrenched pharmaceutical and disease treatment industries dominating US medical education it is no surprise that you or your doctor have not heard about  Kangen Water TM a substance that has over 50 years of research and clinical  application in Asian countries like Japan, and Korea.  Unfortunately 90 percent of the world’s  leading edge  science research about  the health properties of water has been conducted outside the US and the findings have been published in foreign medical journals  that never see the light of day in the US medical literature.

 Fortunately,  there are a growing number of courageous US research scientists who have studied Kangen Water TM over the past  35 years   and some of  their findings are included on this website.

 Kangen Water TM has been  used widely for over 50 years in Japan yet most  doctors in the US will say they have no knowledge about it when asked.  The FDA does not recognize the value of water as a life supporting health enhancer and so does not review, approve or regulate  water  conditioning devices.    It is up to you to learn the truth about Kangen Water TM for your family’s health.   Study  the content and resources throughout this website and you will be well informed about Kangen Water TM.

HOW does Kangen Water TM Work in the body?

 Kangen Water TM has three powerful properties that super hydrate your body with water that will raise your cellular voltage,  increase your body  pH level, and detoxify your body.  These properties are:

 1. Alkaline

 2. Ionized

 3. Micro Clustered water with low molecular weight

 The combination of these three properties are what makes it possible for people who drink Kangen Water TM to increase the  pH of their body, increase the electrical field charge of the cellular functions and super cleanse the body of  damaging acid and other deadly toxins.

 HOW does Kangen Water TM Enhance Beauty?

 Kangen Water TM can be used as a skin  cleaner and toner. Because  of its micro-clustered  property Kangen Water TM  super hydrates the skin and helps  flush toxins out of the body’s largest  organ, the skin, reducing  wrinkles, while  making skin soft, and glowing with vitality.

 HOW does Kangen Water TM Enhance your Cooking?

Kangen Water TM can be used to clean all kinds of foods to remove distasteful  toxins, bacteria. herbicides, pesticides, oil based preservatives  resulting in fresher tasting, longer lasting foods.

 HoW does Kangen Water TM Enhance your Cleaning?

 Kangen Water TM possesses  powerful solvent properties and can be used to remove difficult stubborn stains without  damaging  fine fabrics or carpets.  It can also emulsify oil  making Kangen Water  TM  an excellent  non toxic degreaser.

 MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: None of the statements on this website are intended for diagnosis or  as a substitute for medical treatment.  The information presented here is for educational purposes only. Should you believe you are suffering from a medical condition  of any kind you should contact a qualified medical professional immediately.  The statements contained here in have not been reviewed or  approved by the FDA.

 HOW much does it cost  to have  all these benefits of Kangen Water TM ?

 Kangen Water TM is not for sale. It is illegal to sell Kangen Water TM  without a specific FDA approved water sales certification due to the fact that selling water for human consumption requires strict specific government imposed sanitation regulations.  Selling  water  without such certification can and will subject the seller to the full penalties of the law.

 It is the Enagic company’s policy to abide by  all  applicable governing laws where ever they apply.

 Furthermore, Kangen Water’s TM  unique properties  degrade over time.   Kangen Water TM  is best consumed immediately when it is produced by a patented Enagic Life Science device.

 Enagic distributors give away free Kangen Water TM  samples with full disclosure about the properties of Kangen Water TM and the degradation times for each unique property.

 Beware of fraudulent claims by anyone  professing to be able to bottle Kangen Water TM for sale with all its unique properties in tact for more than several hours.  Such claims are false and misleading.

 To get your own  unlimited supply of Kangen Water TM you can invest in your own patented Enagic Life Science device.   The costs vary  according to the unit size and power supply. Compared to  the rising costs of purchasing unhealthy bottled  drinking waters and toxic cleaning chemicals savvy consumers welcome the dramatic savings of owning an Enagic device that will last for decades.


Lifespan of the Kangen Machine 15-20 years

HOW do I know that Enagic makes the best, most cost effective Kangen Water TM  Life Science device?

 Kangen Water TM  is produced only by patented Enagic Life Science devices, hand built in Enagic’s medical Licensed super hi-tech, clean factory in Osaka, Japan.  The  high grade, noble  metals certified for  medical devices are used in every hand made  Enagic device.   Pick up any Enagic device and compare it’s sturdy quality  to any one of the many light weight models of all the  competing ionizer machines in the market that falsely claim to make “Kangen Water TM” and you will discover instantly the difference in, weight,  quality and craftsmanship that has made  Enagic the bench mark manufacturer in the industry for over 38 years.

 Enagic is the gold standard in the industry for over 38 yearsA close examination reveals that the  copy cat, knock off products on the market are made of inferior components with inferior electronics and smaller unreliable power supplies.

 Doctors around the world  have testified time and again that the water  produced  by these copy cat machines  does  not produce the same dramatic health results in their patients  that Kangen WaterTM consistently produce.


 Cheaper, non medical licensed, copy cat machines,  break down quickly over time because mixing  water and electricity is one of the most challenging  engineering processes in science.   Thin, shear cut, mesh plate metal sheets. when electrified result in metal degradation and power supply over heating PLUS RAPID  CALCIFICATION in hard water areas.  Silent System failures  in cheap knock off  machines result in inconsistent water production, machine down time and replacement costs  which increase operating costs over time.


 The HIGH COST of “CHEAP” FILTERS Another significant cost factor is that the filters for all the copy cat machines are low grade and must be replaced 3 times for every one of the Enagic filters to produce the same 3,000 gallons of water as the the Enagic filters.

 HOW Size of the Water Cell components makes all the difference in the quality of your Enagic Life Science device.

 The greater the amount of electricity (power) flowing into the Water Cell electrode plates and the area or size of the electrode plates in the water cell make it possible  to extend contact time  between the  water and the electrode plates. These are the determinant factors in producing authentic medical grade Kangen Water TM.

 Here is dramatic proof of the difference in size of the water cell chamber which is the key component of Enagic’s life science device verses the other products out in the market.


 Enagic is the only  manufacture to receive the approval of 6,500 doctors dedicated to the prevention of  adult disease in Japan.


ENAGIC is the only company with a medical license in the world that makes water ionizers

Study the contents here and you will learn the simply truth that to maintain and improve your health you need to drink more water every day and that the BEST water for you to drink is Kangen Water TM.


 While water has been with us since the beginning of time,most  people  never  think about how vitally important the quality of water is  to the health of  their lives.  And yet due to this  ignorance, people are suffering from chronic degenerative  illnesses  due to  simple dehydration and by consuming  life destroying toxic drinking water.

 If you landed on Earth for the very first time, you would think that that Earth is predominantly a water-based planet. Furthermore, you would discover that life on Earth is hydrogen-based, because 75% of the bodies of human beings are water and 2 of the 3 atoms of water are hydrogen. Remember how excited NASA scientists were when they discovered water on Mars and on the moon? This is because these informed scientists are aware that life as we know it is dependent on the presence of water.


 The  diagram above is a simple  model of one  water  molecule consisting of  two hydrogen atoms and one  oxygen atom.   Note that there are 10 blue dots  which represent the 10 electrically charged particles or “electrons” that orbit within the three atoms that make up  a water molecule.   The secret to why water is so important to biological life as we know it lies in our having a sufficient supply of these electrons that are found in the unique  configuration  in water ( H20). In the past 50 years scientists have  discovered is that the quality of the electrical charge of these ions in water have a powerful  impact on our lasting  health.

 Water is more than a carrier of other materials. It is a solvent, an infiltrator of cells, a digestion aid, a dilator, a nutrient transport system, a waste disposal system, an electrical message system, a chemical conduit, an energy combustor, a lubricant, a coolant and a latent heat bank.

 Water  has  been studies more closely over the past 60 years due to the development and refinement of  sophisticated electromagnetic  resonance measuring devices.

 Some scientists  even believe that water is the repository of our emotions.  Others like Dr.  Masuru Emoto have  proved that water is effected by  human thoughts and emotions.  It turns out that there are many different  grades of water just like different grades of  gasoline or  fine wines.

 Our bodies  respond very differently to these different  kinds of water. Some  waters can make us sick and some  waters can actually help our bodies  heal faster and restore  balanced health.

 And we thought all water did was quench our thirst!


 There is a water that can reverse years of dehydrating toxic fluid consumption. It’s called Kangen Water  TM  which is the most powerful,  Stable, Ionized  Reduced water, Alkaline, Micro-clustered water.  You can make  an unlimited supply  of Kangen Water in  your home or office with an original, continuous Enagic Kangen Water TM generator.


There are 3  properties that make  Kangen Water TM special.

 Kangen Water TM is the water your body is craving. Kangen Water is far from new.

 Health conscious people have traveled vast distances to gain the benefits of health springs found around the world that have been identified as the source of naturally occurring healthy, life  preserving water. These springs can be found in France, Mexico, and China.

 All these springs have something in common. They  produce water that is ALKALINE, rich in  minerals, IONIZED with a negative ion charge, and in some cases,  micro-clustered,  reduced  molecular atomic arrangement.   Scientist think this is because of the high alkaline mineral deposits in the rocks  below the earth’s surface and the presence of strong alternating magnetic forces present along the spring flow channel.

 In ancient  times in Greece water was stored in urns of copper and brass to cause ionization. Whether they knew how it occurred we cannot say, but the water became clear and sweet due to the electrolytic reaction that took place overnight.

 If you have the money and time you too can  travel the world in search of healthy water. On the other hand you can now take advantage of the benefits of modern science which over the past 100 years has  engineered technology that can produce healthy alkaline, ionized, micro clustered water right  at your kitchen faucet.

 You now have the choice; to continue to consume and to bathe in water that has been processed, denatured, chemically altered and deconstructed to a lifeless form that bears little resemblance to that which fell from the Heavens, or occurs in natural springs or to turn the clock back using some basic science and some simple computer technology.

 KANGEN WATER TM  is stable, Powerful, Alkaline, Ionized Micro Clustered water produced by ENAGIC life science continuous ionized water generators. It is uniquely stable because of the powerful magnetic field that Enagic engineered into it’s superior line of water ionizer technology.

 Enagic’s unique line of water ionizers make 5 different grades of superior Kangen Water TM that can be used for drinking, cooking and toxic free sanitation.

 The teaching charts below are here to help show how when we can increase the alkalinity of our bodies we improve our health. You can learn more by calling me at 757-383-0173

1. Alkaline


 2. Ionized


3. Micro Clustered

 The Enagic Life Science Kangen Water TM  generator  transform regular  tap water into healthy life enhancing Kangen Water TM.   The reduced molecular weight of Kangen Water TM  makes it easily  absorbed by the cells of our body for nutrient and mineral transport as well as cellular cleansing and detoxification.  In addition the high concentration of negatively charged ions help to recharge the molecular functions of every biological system in the human cell and body.  

Change Your Water … Change Your Life

 Get your questions anwwered  and start drinking  Enagic’s Kangen Water TM

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MEDICAL DISCLOSURE:  None of the statements on this website are intended for diagnosis or  as a substitute for medical treatment.  The information presented here is for educational purposes only. Should you believe you are suffering from a medical condition  of any kind you should contact a qualified medical professional immediately.  The statements contained here in have not been reviewed or  approved by the FDA.